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Appa, an Akha girl from Burma, with her baby The AKHA HERITAGE FOUNDATION
Akha University - Maesai - Chiang Rai
Photo: Appa, an Akha girl from Burma, with her baby.

Hilltribes of Northern Thailand:

Hilltribe peoples migrated over 100 years ago from the southern part of China into Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam and Thailand. They have preserved their way of life with little change for over thousand years.

Comprising seven major tribes, KAREN, HMONG (MEO), YAO, LISU, LAHU, LAWA and AKHA, each has its own distinct culture, religion, language, art and colourful style of dress, these people make their homes in the highlands. The main profession of all these tribes is farming. All the tribes are hospitable and welcome visitors to their villages, providing them with the opportunity to see and experience their way of life.

Beside the 7 main tribes, their are also some rare and smaller tribes living in northern Thailand, such as the PALONG, KHAMU, THINS and MLABRI.

For information about the PADUANG, the "Long Necks", please go to our Mae Hong Sorn section.

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